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Effective teaching and research should synergistically inform one another, and instructors and students are partners along this path. I realize that my students, by virtue of exposure to new material and ideas, will learn concepts, but am most satisfied when they develop the ability to ask and begin to answer better questions. I love to teach, and hope my students learn as much from me, materials I've organized, and peers as I do from them. 


I am currently designing a course on "Innovative Markets," and another on the "Sociology of Real Estate." I also hope to teach about Securitization, Global Strategy, Inequality, and Networks & Organizational Change in the near future.

The University of Chicago 2013 Booth Award for Excellence in Teaching:


Main link: http://www.uchicago.edu/features/2013_teaching_awards_main/


Lubin article: http://www.uchicago.edu/features/teaching_awards_david_lubin/


(First Booth awardee from Sociology since Rebecca Sandefur in 1998)

Preceptor in The College at The University of Chicago:


I co-designed the three-quarter Senior Seminar Sequence, which blends classroom lecture, colloquia, small-group discussion, and individual meetings.


As Preceptor, I teach the Senior Seminar to undergraduate students, and assist them in the following areas:  

  • Research Design and Execution
  • B.A. Thesis Writing
  • Colloquium: Thesis Presentation and Peer Review

Career Advancement PRISM Preceptor:

Prepared and connected students to research and career opportunities. I was the inaugural PRISM preceptor in our department, and oversaw the expansion of programming from one event per annum to nine.

Selected Teaching Assistantships at The University of Chicago:


Statistical Methods of Research II (Prof. Stephen Raudenbush)


Inequality (twice; Dean Mario Small)


Globalization: Empirical and Theoretical Elements (twice; Prof. Saskia Sassen)


Urban Policy Analysis (Prof. Terry Clark)

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