David C. Lubin
David C. Lubin


How are markets developed, and what is the impact of this process on the people and organizations involved?


I research structured finance and economic development to gain insights related to inter-organizational networks, organizational change, and innovation.


A Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Chicago, my current research examines "The Rise, Networks, and Resilience of Securitization Financial Markets."  


I use mixed methodologies (quantitative, qualitative, computational, and network analysis) to understand the creation of inter-organizational networks and markets, institutionalization of innovative practices, and the role of entrepreneurs in catalyzing organizational and regulatory change.


Prior to my leave from academia, during which I established the first full-service business accelerator on the underinvested Southside of Chicago University CoWork and related community development non-profits, my research considered securitization markets in various countries, the reception of Latina/o immigrants by local communities and entrepreneurial networks, and the cultural and economic impact of Colleges/Universities on their local communities.


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