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March 3, 2014 - I conclude fieldwork this month, and will begin focusing on data analysis and writing.


January 5, 2014 - I'm attending the upcoming SFIG/IMN ABS Vegas 2014 & ASF conferences in Las Vegas. Please message to meet/advise/contribute to my securitization research!

October 1, 2013 - I'm conducting fieldwork at ABS East in Miami, SFIG events and IMN Covered Bonds in NYC (late October), and SIFMA Meetings in NYC (early November).


I believe that evidence-based research and increased understanding of markets and complex systems can positively impact society.  As such, I research structured finance and urban development to gain insights related to organizational change, economic sociology, innovation, and social networks.


A Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Chicago, my current research examines "The Rise, Networks, and Resilience of Securitization Financial Markets."  


I use both quantitative and qualitative methodologies to analyze the creation of networks and markets, incorporation of innovative practices by organizations, role of entrepreneurs in catalyzing organizational change, the impact of relationships on market activity, and varied responses to reglatory challenge.


Prior to my leave from academia, during which I established a financial consulting and real estate firm, my research considered securitization markets in various countries, the reception of Latina/o immigrants by local communities and entrepreneurial networks, and the cultural and economic impact of Colleges/Universities on their local communities.


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